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Self driving cars safety

Page source: The New York Times By: Allison Arieff Opinions and views within the blog content are independent to the writers. Cars Are Death Machines. Self-Driving Tech Won’t Change That. I used to think calling cars “death machines” was kind of extreme. Then my niece was hit by one. She was only 9 years old,... [Read More]
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Driverless vehicles

Author: T.E Opinions expressed in this blog are those of the author and not necessarily of City Autobahn. Driverless vehicles – what’s your opinion? Most car enthusiasts enjoy doing the driving, some just want to get from A to B. What are the benefits? You don’t have to actually pay attention, like riding a bus... [Read More]
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Automotive Service Technician

I think this is one of the most challenging trades because cars are so high tech these days, especially the electronics. Warren D. Automotive service technicians keep cars and light trucks running smoothly. You prevent problems by performing regularly scheduled maintenance activities such as oil changes, lubrications and tune-ups and diagnose and repair problems when… [Read More]

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