Driverless vehicles

Author: T.E

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Driverless vehicles – what’s your opinion?

Most car enthusiasts enjoy doing the driving, some just want to get from A to B.
What are the benefits?
  • You don’t have to actually pay attention, like riding a bus or the subway without all the sharing! Would people have to even get driver’s licenses anymore? If they did, would their skills be enough to drive if they had too? You could get some work done, read a book, as I assume people would not pay attention, even though we probably should.
  • If the car drives itself, would it not drive in the most efficient manner, making sure to save gas, reduce fossil fuel consumption or energy in the best way possible, making it more cost effective.
  • And most importantly, can it make sure you avoid accidents, drive the right speed and get you to your destination safely? Could this decrease your insurance costs and senseless accidents?!
But there are so many considerations and concerns
  • There needs to be great cell coverage to manage the vehicle, what if you live in poor cellular infrastructure regions? What if there are hackers that can get into that system, or your car!
  • There are so many external factors on the road each day, people walking, cyclists, road conditions, can the vehicle really be ready for anything, can it be better than an individual paying attention?
There are a lot of news articles out there sounding the alarm that we are not ready
The Guardian calls them: a marvel doomed by unpredictable humans
The New York Times says: Cars Are Death Machines. Self-Driving Tech Won’t Change That
In the end, driverless cars, trucks and buses may well end the carnage on our roads and reduce the consumption of fossil fuels, but are companies just rushing to create the next cool feature, and are governments ensuring quality?
Do we need to look at road conditions too – separate lanes for cyclists, speed limits and some responsibility for drivers to stay vigilant are all part of the potential solution. But then again, what about the joy of going for a drive, and just seeing where the road takes you, with you in control of the wheel.
What’s your opinion?